set [1] VERB (setting; past and past part. set) 1) put, lay, or stand in a specified place or position. 2) put, bring, or place into a specified state. 3) cause or instruct (someone) to do something. 4) give someone (a task). 5) decide on or fix (a time, value, or limit). 6) establish as (an example or record). 7) adjust (a device) as required. 8) prepare (a table) for a meal by placing cutlery, crockery, etc., on it. 9) harden into a solid, semi-solid, or fixed state. 10) arrange (damp hair) into the required style. 11) put (a broken or dislocated bone or limb) into the correct position for healing. 12) (of the sun, moon, etc.) appear to move towards and below the earth's horizon as the earth rotates. 13) Printing arrange (type or text) as required. 14) (set something to) provide (music) so that a written work can be produced in a musical form. 15) (of a tide or current) take or have a specified direction or course. 16) (of blossom or a tree) form into or produce (fruit).
set about — Cf. ↑set about
set apart — Cf. ↑set apart
set aside — Cf. ↑set aside
set back — Cf. ↑set back
set down — Cf. ↑set down
set forth — Cf. ↑set forth
set in — Cf. ↑set in
set off — Cf. ↑set off
set on (or upon) — Cf. ↑set upon
set out — Cf. ↑set out
set out one's stall — Cf. ↑set out one's stall
set sail — Cf. ↑set sail
set one's teeth — Cf. ↑set one's teeth
set to — Cf. ↑set to
set up — Cf. ↑set up
set the wheels in motion — Cf. ↑set the wheels in motion
ORIGIN Old English, related to SIT(Cf. ↑sit).
set [2] NOUN 1) a number of things or people grouped together as similar or forming a unit. 2) a group of people with common interests or occupations: the literary set. 3) the way in which something is set, disposed, or positioned: that cold set of his jaw. 4) a radio or television receiver. 5) (in tennis, darts, and other games) a group of games counting as a unit towards a match. 6) a collection of scenery, stage furniture, etc., used for a scene in a play or film. 7) (in jazz or popular music) a sequence of songs or pieces constituting or forming part of a live show or recording. 8) Mathematics a collection of distinct entities satisfying specified conditions and regarded as a unit. 9) a cutting, young plant, or bulb used in the propagation of new plants: an onion set. 10) (also dead set) a setter's pointing in the presence of game. 11) variant spelling of SETT(Cf. ↑sett).
make a dead set at — Cf. ↑make a dead set at
ORIGIN partly from Old French sette, from Latin secta 'sect' , partly from SET(Cf. ↑set).
set [3] ADJECTIVE 1) fixed or arranged in advance. 2) firmly fixed and unchanging. 3) having a conventional or predetermined wording. 4) ready, prepared, or likely to do something. 5) (set on) determined to do.

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